Pickup and Delivery every day! Order by 7pm for next day charcuterie orders. Orders for macarons must be made with 1 days notice depending on quantity. Contact us at orders@calderoncurations with any custom order requests or questions!

Upcoming Events


We have partnered with Cape Bottle Room to offer 3 workshops so far this year. 

They are April 15th, May 20th and June 17th at 11:30am. Tickets can be split with a partner/date/friend and include 1 bottle of champagne, orange juice, 4 cheese pairings and building a 10'' charcuterie board with us! 

Visit CapeBottleRoom.com to purchase your tickets! 

Market Days

Come see us for the Pecan Street Collective on June 3Pagesrd. We will be located in front of West Pecan St.